Death and Taxes – KelThuzad Teaser – September 2, 2006

Death and Taxes Guild – World First legit attempt versus the boss known as Kel’Thuzad in the World of Warcraft. Web(new address): http://www.dtguilds.com IRC…



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  1. SpaceDrake says:

    No matter how many times I watch it over the years, watching the gnome run? for his life never gets old. :3

  2. egosumFidius says:

    it’s been a while, but? during that stage of Wrath didn’t you switch between 10m and 25m by changing your instance difficulty from normal to heroic? i know it’s not the same thing as being heroic (or *was* it in the WoW dev’s minds until ToC?).

  3. furydeath says:

    Ahh back when there was no stupid PTR testing of raids where the thing was cleared? already before it even goes live.

  4. Steffen T says:

    I’m not! Tell me, what the fuck is heroic naxx? There is not a heroic version of Naxxramas. There is a 10? man version, and a 25 man version. Both in normal difficulty. Fucking faggot!

  5. bohottie says:

    Hope you’re joking, bro. If you’re not, you need to relinquish you’re WoW gaming card…?

  6. mindgames50 says:

    Wow saw your gay comment three years later 0.o to clarify that little emoticon face at the end basically meant how shitty the 25 man version of this instance was.. was never a comparison? between the two, and I knew how insanely hard instance in vanilla days was

  7. mindgames50 says:

    25 man Lich king raid, terrible because? this raid was so awesome pre bc

  8. Steffen T says:

    what the? fuck is heroic naxx?

  9. Kratatch says:

    Old WoW raiding? was fun. No extreme dataminers and guides long before the bosses where even released.

  10. xXSilencedSoundXx says:

    Thank you? very much 🙂

  11. MoT359 says:

    metal? gear solid 3 main theme

  12. xXSilencedSoundXx says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song? .. and no I don’t mean? the Mario theme^^

  13. volbia12 says:

    gotta love how viciously unfair content was from? vanilla XD

  14. dannygmzz says:

    I meant wow? as in that was fast. :L:L

  15. dannygmzz says:

    It took you just over a week? to kill Sapphiron from your first attempt? Wow. D:

  16. furydeath says:

    25 man naxx uses the SAME? damage that they did in 40 man or they used LOWER damage.

  17. darkmankill1 says:

    Proof that Kel’Thuzad godlike.?

  18. Callum Hickson says:

    I believe it’s from MGS, not sure which one though.. probably the third? one.

  19. CanYouResistClick1ng says:

    The good old days =]?

  20. kNERDtv says:


  21. Andrew Anon says:

    Watching this after quitting WoW years ago. The community use to? be so great.

  22. MiSTANAiZ says:

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  23. L1b3rta says:

    What is the song? at the very first of the video? The one with the drums.

  24. redbuffalo15 says:

    metal gear solid?

  25. Valentin Coshug says:

    Stepmania,? Super Mario World theme

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