Day Trading Taxes questions from members of DayTradingRadio.com

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  1. Toni112007 says:

    Its not that hard, I’m at? about 490% and climbing. Find a better trading technique. I’ve tried them all, narrowed it down to one extremely powerful technique. Check out the video => bit.ly/NsYahT?=qrldvi

  2. tf1977sled says:

    Courtney? you sound hot!!!!!!!!

  3. eddyvideostar says:

    Regarding tax preparation: It is what it is – a frequent scalper will provide much more work for the tax preparer and one will be open to disappointment if one thinks that he can skirt the system. There will be very little? solace to be found on this board. If one is willing to pay a good amount for commissions, then one should be willing to pay for his tax preparation and even on his short term gain. Good day.

  4. burlyrdc says:

    Great Video!! Thank you.?

  5. boodoblog says:

    great Q&A guys… future cpa here and trader? from Puerto Rico… very informative.

  6. kouznetsov says:

    man? taxes are such a draaaag..

  7. riceboi1983 says:

    didn’t think? too much about taxes. taxes are annoying lol.

  8. andersonjos says:

    so is there like a? 25% promo code of ‘DTRS” for CK Accounting Tax Services?? wink wink

  9. andersonjos says:


  10. Bob Plant says:

    Hi? Courtney!

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