Corporate Taxes: We’re Number One

It’s official. After eight years of having the second-highest corporate tax rate among industrialized countries, the United States has now assumed the top sp…



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  1. critter505 says:

    Australia passed us up? as the most obese. Damn it people, start eating, we have a title to regain! lol

  2. SpykerSpeed says:

    Most crime? No. We? have the most imprisoned adults. We have too many laws, and too many police.

  3. illuminaryOne says:

    “It would be nice to have the lowest corporate tax rate like Ireland’s? 12%” … Have you seen Ireland’s economy lately? Cutting corporate tax rates has been singled out as one of the major reason Ireland’s deficit is so large.

    Oh, yeah, and Japan and the UK … such fabulous economies … also technically in worse shape than the US.

    Canada/Australia have lower tax rates but have been bolstered by the commodities boom … which won’t last.

  4. CPAsheldon says:

    Why are we trying so hard to ve so few corporate jobs? We need make some changes.?

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