Corporate Taxes: Falling Behind by Standing Still

The United States has been slipping from a position of economic competitiveness in recent years, in part because of changing corporate tax rates across the g…



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  1. Cmos Driver says:

    Well let me kick this off with 2 facts that obviously you’re not aware of
    1) Our “effective” corp. tax rate is presently under 14%, which means it’s
    NOWHERE near the highest around the world – it’s just above the LOWEST. 2)
    Federal income taxes was 1.3% of GDP in 2010 compared to 6.1% back in 1952
    so that crap about “tax revenue grew” is… CRAP. And since I’m on a roll –
    3) The reason it’s cheaper to do business outside of the U.S. is due to
    extremely lower wages abroad. Ever hear of the IPAD??

  2. Jordan Calder says:

    Able to stop giggling long enough to educate us about how this is skewed?

  3. FartyFace says:

    What are the “real numbers then” LOL DEBATE OVER. There is no possible way
    you can find different numbers. But I will give you that chance. Tell me
    right now what your chances are of staying in the bottom 20% for your
    entire life. If you cant tell me that number than DEBATE OVER I WIN. Go on
    do it. I DARE you to research this data. haha OWNED!

  4. Cmos Driver says:

    You have GOTS to be a “Heritage & FOX Boobs” baby!! I’ll see what I can do
    to wean you off of that GAWD AWFUL crap. Just how in the hell can the
    average wage earner (let alone that POOR) exp. social mobility when minimum
    wage doesn’t even equal what it did back in 1968 (adjusted for inflation)
    while @ the same time the cost of living has skyrocketed? Top 1% owns more
    than the bottom 50% of Americans- their wealth has more than doubled in the
    past 30 yrs- Brush up on your Gini coefficient sir.

  5. Cmos Driver says:

    The only reason that they are hard to enforce is because the GOP BLOCKS
    ENFORCING THEM! There’s nothing hard about actually drawing up the
    legislation, but the RepubliCONs would never go for passing any of it. &
    Who is going to pay our country’s bills if we eliminate that portion of the
    revenue? & what does your definition have to do w/leveling the playing
    field so that small businesses can prosper once again? Cronyism & bailouts
    doesn’t address that (MAJOR) issue.

  6. FartyFace says:

    I actually agree with you. What we need is more free market capitalism. Its
    a shame the USA abandoned capitalism so long ago. Communist China is way
    more capitalist than we are these days. This system of privatized gains and
    SOCIALIZED losses is killing us. Every other western nation on the planet
    started lowering corporate taxes decades ago and they have had much higher
    GDP growth. Why we insist on remaining in the stone age I will never know.

  7. Cmos Driver says:

    Hey ASSHOLE! I’ve ALREADY looked them up and your stupid ass numbers lead
    me to Cato and Horowitz!!! 2 entities within the rightwing klown universe!
    Now if you have some place (that’s credible) to go look up these faux ass
    numbers up, PROFFER THEM UP. But I doubt if you will. Or can. You dare
    me… Jackass! I DARE YOU!!! For you to actually believe that the economic
    state of the middle class is just fine tells me a LOT about your blinkered
    way of thinking. — “stupid ignorant coward”… LOLOLOL

  8. FartyFace says:

    I agree, GDP numbers are a farce because it counts government spending of
    borrowed money (your prison inmate examples falls in this category). Why is
    the effective rate so much lower? Answer: Because corporate taxes are dumb,
    hard to enforce, and full of loopholes. Yet another reason we should get
    rid of them. There are much better ways to tax people (yes even the
    kkkorporations you hate so much). Free Market Capitalism is the opposite of
    what we have now. NO cronyism. NO bailouts.

  9. FartyFace says:

    What percentage of those in the bottom 20%, remained there 10 years later.
    The FACTS are out there. I DARE YOU TO LOOK THEM UP. You wont though. Facts
    and math will totally destroy your argument and make you look like a fool.
    Your entire argument is based on emotion. Reality has nothing to do with
    it. Give me the real numbers you stupid ignorant coward. I dare you to look
    this shit up.

  10. Cmos Driver says:

    How can you have INFINITE demand when the ones you depend on to supply that
    demand are struggling just to pay their bills? Like @whoo689 said, who is
    going to hire ppl when the demand isn’t there? It would be crazy to pay
    more overhead when you’re NOT bringing in more profit. That’s a formula for
    going out of business. The middle class DRIVES our economy. W/O their
    purchases, there is NO economy. The so-called job creators can’t create
    SQUAT if nobody wants to buy their goods. Basic econ 101.

  11. Cmos Driver says:

    I KNEW that I would get a GOOD laugh if I bothered watching this!!! And
    fools all over this country ACTUALLY believe this skewed crap. damn shame.

  12. FartyFace says:

    What? Oh I thought you already looked up the stats yourself. Allow me to
    google the EASILY AVAILABLE INFORMATION FOR YOU. Try searching “economic
    mobility in the united states” on wikiperdia for example. You will find
    “There are of course some people who remain permanently in the bottom 20
    percent. But such people constitute less than one percent of the American
    population”. Like a typical liberal I fully expect you to run away from
    this argument now that the facts have been showen to you.

  13. Ben Benjamin says:

    Government is the problem … Tariffs need to be imposed and personal and
    business income tax need to be fixed at 10%.

  14. FartyFace says:

    LOL look at this guy. He is calling a peer review scientific study “not
    good enough evidence” to counter his argument that he ADMITS is based
    purely on emotion. He freely admits that he literally has NO EVIDENCE WHAT
    SO EVER. WE are dealing with a fucking creationist here folks! This is why
    science is so important, so your children don’t grow up to be like this guy
    here who bases all his arguments on emotion and ignores data. STOP
    CREATIONISTS LIKE HIM whenever you can.

  15. FartyFace says:

    I hate foxnews and never watch it. Its almost as bad as MSNBC. But anyways
    you are making the dumb assumption that poor people stay poor for there
    entire lives and the the poor people from 1980 are the same poor people
    from 1990. Clearly that is not true. Go read that statistics I mentioned. I
    DARE YOU to do it. 95% of those in the bottom 20% in 1975 were no longer
    there by 1991. They had moved out of poverty. 95% of them. That is a HUGE

  16. FartyFace says:

    Only the 1% has prospered since the 80s? What country are you talking
    about? There is plenty of data bout the USA we can look at. Between 1979
    and 1988, 86% of households that were in the bottom 20% in 1979 were no
    longer in the bottom 20% by 1988. 86% of poor people experienced social
    mobility. Thats pretty good. If you go from 1975 to 1991 that statistic
    goes up to 95%. So 95% of poor people prospered in the USA. What country
    only has 1% of people prospering? They should all move here

  17. Cmos Driver says:

    You’re wasting my time you lil foul mouth ROOKIE bitch! You’ve made my dick
    limp fuckin around with yo dumbass. I’m thru KLOWNING your stupid ass. My
    last replies made yo dumbass look like an ILLITERATE idiot and it got you
    goin off like a lil bitch on a tantrum. Go fuck yourself lil bitch. Don’t
    get mad at me because YOU didn’t bother reading the shit that YOU sent me –
    which MADE MY POINTS!!!! LOLOLOL!!! I’m no longer having fun SPANKIN YO
    AZZ!!!! Be GONE lil bitch, BE GONE.

  18. FartyFace says:

    Haha you mad bro? Of course you mad. I asked you a simple question and you
    refused to answer it. I’ll ask again. If I was born into poverty, what is
    the % chance I will experience POSITIVE SOCIAL MOBILITY and get myself out
    of poverty. Can you answer that question? Its pretty easy. There are TONS
    of data out there. Please calm down and just answer the question. I know
    the truth makes you angry, but you don’t want to live a lie do you? Isn’t
    it better to know the FACTS?

  19. whoo689 says:

    statistics, such as corporate or income tax rate, DRIVE ALL THE GROWTH (or
    even half) IS ABSURD. There are LOTS of economic indicators and factors!
    And honestly, what businessman looks at his balance sheet and says, “Well,
    since I pay 45% of my revenues in taxes, I just don’t have enough profit to
    hire a few more people”… UNLESS HE DIDN’T HAVE MUCH MONEY TO BEGIN WITH
    say, $500 Million in profit is gonna bitch and

  20. Cmos Driver says:

    You really wanna know how I know??? Because you came back with exactly what
    I KNEW you were gonna come back with… NOTHING!! Hey, come back when you
    grow some hair down there, okay Lil Farty? Run along now. I think I hear
    the ice cream truck coming. And one more thing, youngster. Whenever that
    FIRST TIME comes along, please, PleaSe, PLEASE… Wear a condom! We don’t
    need ANYMORE likes of YOU walking around here. – – – If you EVER decide to
    come back w/some facts for me to read, I’ll Be Here.

  21. whoo689 says:

    And exactly WHAT ‘evidence’ did you see that, “Because of the higher
    corporate rate in years past, our econ. stagnated”??? We had an EXPLOSION
    of growth for at least the first 15 years after WW2 ended. From 1945/46 til
    about the early 1970s, we had what is commonly referred to as the “Golden
    Age” of prosperity. And guess what… INEQUALITY WENT DOWN! Inequality went
    down, and MORE Americans got access to opportunity, good jobs and high
    wages, as well as decent housing. But too many

  22. Cmos Driver says:

    THESE are ALL from YOUR WikiLINK- ((after-tax income of the top 1% earners
    has grown by 176% percent from 1979 to 2007 while it grew only 9% for the
    lowest 20%)) ((we are actually a less mobile society than many other
    nations, including Canada, France, Germany and most Scandinavian countries.
    This challenges the notion of America as the land of opportunity)) ((Moving
    between quintiles is more frequent in the middle quintiles (2-4) than in
    the lowest and highest quintiles)) DON’T YOU PROOFREAD??

  23. tm2wndrlnd says:

    It’s weird how they fail to mention any of this in high school economics

  24. Cmos Driver says:

    Where in the world do you get these retarded numbers from? Horwitz, Cato,
    Ron Paul? Jesus man, Up Your Game! All that crap (and the like) is nothing
    more than GOP talking points w/a twist for the most part. A bunch of
    nihilists who don’t believe verifiable and factual data from independent
    sources. You were somewhat impressive… For a moment. All you got are
    skewed (supposed) facts that originates from no credible source. You can’t
    refute any researchable facts that I have handed you.

  25. FartyFace says:

    LOL ok I’ll ask AGAIN. If I was born into poverty, what is the % chance I
    will experience POSITIVE Social mobility and get myself out of poverty. We
    are now keeping score. Number of times I asked you this question: 4. Number
    of times you were too scared to answer: 4. I am WINNING 4 to 0. What do you
    guys think I will score my 5th point on his next response? Will he actually
    answer the question or will he get mad and change the subject yet again. 4
    to 0. lets go for 5!

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