Corporate Avenger – Taxes Are Stealing

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  1. losingwins says:

    Few animals live communally, as we do, with the shared responsibilities of task allotments to achieve the efficiency necessary for the complexity that no other species on Earth can hold an ember to, and thus some tax is required for mutual defense, education and healthcare and roads… BUT, beyond that the man IS sticking it to you, everyday. The Fed is NOT constitutionally empowered? to levy an income tax, and ours was only supposed to be a temporary way to fund WWI. No, not Cyanide, SHIT!

  2. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    We haven’t had much capitalism. Europe, and America had fuedalism, then a short period of laissez faire capitalism with holdovers from fuedalism like slavery, and child labor, but which also saw the largest technological revolution in the history of mankind. Since then we’ve had varying degrees of fascism, and socialism. Usually elements of both in the same? country.

  3. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    Not necessarily.? You can bundle preexisting products, and services for consumer convenience without increasing operating costs.

  4. JRY17 says:

    When companies focused on quality over price/cost ratios they made superior products. Seeking ways? to reduce their costs and increase their profits have led to most products seeing a decline in reliability(quality) and that is usually due to a cut back in materials to cut costs. Look I don’t care what your political views are or what you agree with but Capitalism has hurt the “every” man and lined the rich’s pockets since it came about.

  5. JRY17 says:

    whether the quality is reduced from the product itself as a whole, one material used to make the product, the employees who organize the product or the service of the product to the consumers cutting costs will reduce the quality of? the good. As long as businesses focus on the bottom dollar quality suffers. Look at cars; cars in the 50’s/60’s ran better for longer, now with “better technology” cars die sooner and have more problems.

  6. JRY17 says:

    If you can’t lower your prices any further so you seek? to improve quality that increase in quality will result in an increase in costs which will make most business owners raise prices. You can’t make your service quality better without spending money on something and companies will recoup that cost through profits gained from customers. If 2 companies make X and company 1 sells x for 1 but 2 cant make x for under 1 he’ll cut costs and make it cheaper reducing the quality

  7. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    This is assuming that the smaller banks will sell, and that the only way to compete is to lower prices. If a competitor can’t lower prices any further then they can increase the quality of service.

    Nothing is preventing new banks from forming. Monopolies, and oligopolies are at worst temporary. The only way to prevent new competition is through state regulations imposing artificial barriers? to entry.

    Additionally the laws of supply, and demand make it impossible to buy a monopoly.

  8. JRY17 says:

    Also the Federal Reserve? LOANED America every dollar in circulation at interest. America has been indebted tot hem ever since agreeing to let them handle the countries finances.

  9. JRY17 says:

    The central gov’t no? longer decides when it is time to print new currency or how much to print.

  10. JRY17 says:

    Without any form? of responsible regulation, entrepeneures and capitalists(called so because they capitalize on others misfortune) would take advantage of supply and demand. So yes the Rothchilds banks would have come about despite a central gov’t but without a central gov’ts agreement they wouldn’t have become as influential as they are. Look up the Fed Reserve, started with the help of the Rothchilds’ they have been given authority to print and distribute money as they see fit.

  11. JRY17 says:

    that’s not how free markets work. If there we 10 banks in a land, 1 bank would buy up the weakest competitors(say 2) reducing the number of banks. The #2 and 3 banks would follow suit each taking 2 small banks now you have 3 big guys and a little guy. Little guy gets put under or bought. Top 3 compete to no distinct advantage and agree to gouge customers evenly. Bank 1 uses that and undercuts them. Bank 2 responds while 3 folds? and sells to 1. Bank 1 then uses it’s edge to push out 2.

  12. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    You can when not everyone agrees to put these? people in power. Those who lose the vote, and even those who did not participate in the vote are forced to go along with the outcome of the vote. Democracy despite all the hype is really just a large group of people forcing its will on smaller groups of people.

  13. AceofDiamonds0 says:

    then people should voice their opposition to those things and put people in positions of power that will represent? those wants.
    you cannot make the claim that citizens are the victims when we elected these people.

  14. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    Seriously. Everyone who has? suffered through high school economics knows monopolies are bad, and yet almost no one sees the elephant in the room. Government is a monopoly on violence.

  15. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    The land that? was homesteaded (appropriated from nature) by the natives should be returned to them. However America is a big continent, most of it was unowned when the Europeans arrived so most of it wasn’t stolen.

  16. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    The government already dumps piles of cash on education, and they still fail. The problem is inherent in the system. The concept of the public school was first invented by the Prussians in the 19th century to? train children to become more obedient workers, and soldiers. Education was never the priority, indoctrination was.

  17. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    I’d still prefer those things be funded without having to threaten people with imprisonment. Community homeschooling, and unschooling are better anyways, and community funded, or insurance funded fire? departments are possible too.

  18. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    More like upper-upper class families, but? yeah.

  19. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    Why do you think people should be forced to pay for things they want? Those things cost money, but so does food production, and distribution. We all need food, so why don’t we force people to pay for food, and have the government give everyone food? Oh right, that leads to mass starvation… hmmm I wonder what happens when we let people? be free to pay for things they want?

    Oh my god. Prosperity happens!

  20. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    Nobody to tell us how to live, no victimless crimes, no indoctrination centers, no cages, and no enforcers? Oh my what will we do? /sarcasm

    The state doesn’t create order. Order is already there, the state? just takes credit for it. Those who are not inclined to break the law don’t, and those inclined to break the law do.

    Look up the following terms: homeschooling, unschooling, Private Defense Agency, Dispute Resolution Organization, and Third Party Arbitration.

  21. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    Because there’s no such thing as free. When you’re forced to pay for something, then you’re not getting it for free. Private charity, and mutual aid organizations (think crowd funded insurance companies) did an excellent job? of providing for the needs of the less fortunate in America up until the early 20th century when the government bullied them out of the market with state social programs. You used to be able to walk into a hospital in America, and get treatment insurance, or not.

  22. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    The rich already pay for 60% of the government’s income through taxes. Most rich people got that way by selling products, and services to people who were willing to pay for them.

    Most of the super rich however only got that way by having friends in high office granting them? monopoly privileges, or by just outright giving them money either taxed, or printed.

  23. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    The vast majority of it goes to paying off past debt. Most of the rest goes to paying pensions, and to the military industrial complex. Only about 10 cents out of every dollar taxed goes to social programs. Even less to public infrastructure. We’re being robbed? to pay for the murder of brown people on the other side of the planet, and to line the pockets of fat banksters, and war profiteers.

  24. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    Yes people want these things, and most people are willing to pay? for these things. So why must people be forced to pay for things they want? The fact is they don’t. Taxes don’t just go to paying for things we want. The majority of taxes go towards things we don’t want. Like costly wars, and corporate bailouts.

  25. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    Oh I don’t know. It’s not? like anyone values gold, and would be willing to trade some of their excess food for it… oh wait.

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