Comedy, economics, and carbon taxes: Yoram Bauman at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege

An economist and standup comedian, Yoram Bauman bills himself as the world’s first standup economist. In “Comedy, Economics, and Carbon Taxes” he makes his c…
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  1. MrPerfectlogic says:

    Brilliant presentation! I personally am not convinced that global warming
    is man made, but, I agree that “doing the right things for the wrong
    reasons” is sometimes the right thing to do.

  2. thekaxmax says:

    A warmer world will mean a belt around the equator where nothing can live
    because the average shade temperature is higher than you can stay alive at.
    Your extra living area near the poles will be countered by loss of living
    area near the equator. Quite apart from the increase in severity of
    hurricanes this will cause. you’re an idiot.

  3. Yoram Bauman says:

    This criticism is misplaced: the Jevons paradox is more applicable (to the
    extent it is applicable anywhere) to regulatory approaches like CAFE
    fuel-economy standards. In contrast, price signals almost always work. When
    you tax something you get less of it.

  4. MrEcomelon says:

    Hmmmm I don’t think a Carbon tax alone would work, there would have to be a
    cap that was being reduced over time, else you’ll just cause greater
    effiency savings followed by an increased use in that technlogy and that
    would lead to a rebound via the Jevons paradox.

  5. jffryh says:

    “Would the tax rate need to keep increasing to encourage companies to stop
    using fossil fuels?” Yes, the carbon tax rate would need to keep increasing
    until fossil carbon industry ends.

  6. Obongo Geddon says:

    I want a warm earth. We could grow more food and we could wear less
    clothes. There are many advantages to a warmer earth. Tropical fruits could
    be grown in more area’s providing vast amounts of inexpensive food. An ice
    free North pole would provide greater commerce with less hazards. Greenland
    could become one big garden, just think of the possibilities. We could have
    so many wonderful things if the earth was warmer. So I am going to do my
    part and fire up my 1968 pickup and burn a bunch of gas.

  7. readingeconomics says:

    I thought this was hilarious. Why no laughter?

  8. MrEcomelon says:

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry, you’re right, no price reduction, no paradox
    But it still might not cut emissions as you hope. What would people who
    save money from cutting carbon emmisons, say on thier electric bill, spend
    thier savings on? A extra flight to bermuda perhaps? Why would this bring
    down total emissions? If the tax works as hoped how will the government
    collect revenue? Would the tax rate need to keep increasing to encourage
    companies to stop using fossil fuels?

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