ComBots Cup V – Ep 14 Death and Taxes vs Sewer Snake

http://combots.net/ In order to stay in the event, Sewer Snake and Death & Taxes both have to win. Can the rookie multi-bot overcome the winningest robot in …
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  1. Dylan Guthry says:

    taxes was gost rider

  2. william dutton says:

    amazing fight?

  3. BlackMarch says:

    some ninja stuff there 😀

  4. ruckusdc5 says:

    haha smokescreen attack

  5. iHaeteyouu Gougle says:

    Robot master has Smoke vision

  6. VerterosGaming says:

    Totally, the, Drum is useless, all it did that round was destroy, Taxes.

  7. David Clarke says:

    Death and Taxes should seriously just have 3 Taxes robots

  8. eero häihälä says:

    a wild robot has appeared robot used smokescreen it was super effective

  9. J?nis Andersons says:

    thats unfair.

  10. Eventorizon says:

    Now thats a proper Lipo fire; that thing burnt for ages! How on earth was
    it still moving even when the batteries were cooking themselves?

  11. akhmadamal says:

    really interesting combat, nice strategy too 🙂

  12. Eric Hendershot says:

    best fight yet

  13. joemunguss says:

    Which should burn off some of the smoke

  14. lim shi hao says:

    Smoke screen? Nice

  15. Tng Ching Hwa says:

    best match so far

  16. ruckusdc5 says:

    Death isn’t bad, it needs some improvement that’s all 🙂

  17. Eric Andresen says:

    On fire. Smoking up the whole arena. “Stuck!”

  18. Christopher Brown says:

    I have a hypothesis: the robot may have been wired with its batteries in
    series-parallel where there is a battery pack in each module and they each
    power both sides of the robot. Taxes’ power system HALF cooked itself. IMO
    I would love to get an official confirmation if I’m right or not.

  19. rgGamerfreak69 says:

    That was freaking awesome! Incredible match!

  20. ALPHApirates59 says:

    nice !!

  21. felixthemaster1 says:

    Most entertaining match i’ve seen. ever.

  22. Shane Khadgi says:


  23. XMetalMatter says:

    Great match and fight. The team of Death and Taxes took a negative and turn
    it to a positive.

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