Chris Rock Bigger & Blacker Taxes, NYPD & Coverage



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  1. cloudvszell says:

    Clinton was in office there was a surplus the economy was growing we weren’t involved in a ten year war and raising taxes at the time didn’t make much sense now we have cut taxes we have a deficit where in a war and yet? no one is talking about raising taxes when it does make sense

  2. Stefan Constantin Dumitrache says:

    some people dont love god deal with their lack? of punctuation

  3. Justanotherlobster says:

    Thats right folks, we get fucked everyday by three people. One guy is the police, the? second guy is the government and the third guy is the insurance industry. Take it and smile.

  4. YodaOnDMT says:

    Insurance pisses me off more than? anything.

    No refund AND it still costs more each year?!?!

  5. Makreel44 says:


  6. Cerialeater01 says:

    “incase shit” so true?

  7. Dargain0 says:

    For? the love of god, learn punctuation.

  8. picturemyprorphecy says:

    Hahaha insurance? was so funny.

  9. kuissi0 says:

    dont? agree on the insurance but he can be cheaper

  10. SoleMan117 says:

    I just? reporting what I see man.

  11. SuperTruthful says:

    No, it’s not? welfare….it’s called REPARATIONS ! LOL

  12. Michael Griffin says:

    Sooman117, you are on some bullshit. You like many brainwashed idiots? in the USA, seem to believe that its majority black people, that’s on welfare. Well that’s bullshit, just like you are on some bullshit. There are more white people population wise than black people in the USA. And it’s more white mutha fuckers on Welfare in this bitch. But that information is not disclosed in the everyday news press. Asshole

  13. 145846 says:

    people dont get high and mighty with your philosophical bs and have a laugh 😀 ?

  14. SoleMan117 says:

    Don’t Black people already get Social Secruity at 29? I believe it’s? called “Welfare”

    (Boo! Boo!)

  15. Dale media4401 says:

    @Sirstingray nah your just too stupid to understand.?

  16. mmmfff says:

    Why are there so many? dogs at Chris Rocks shows?


    I don’t know why you bothered explaining it to him, I mean if he’s too stupid to notice the the note in the bottom right conner, he doesn’t deserve and? explanation.

  18. DaComebakKid says:

    I think I know? who’s the culprit for the lone ‘dislike’.

  19. breakD1134 says:

    if shit don’t happen shouldn’t i get my money back??

  20. joe momma says:

    you don’t find him funny, because you disagree with him politically? Wow? what a fuckin loser.

  21. aniwebster39 says:

    @TheAmelu19 thats not the point he is a comedian. He produces comedy not lessons on how to live your? life.

  22. Jokerlundproductions says:

    I love hearing him say Tax. It sounds so cool coming from? him.

  23. L1Million says:


  24. Lulu Amelu says:

    listen to bill hicks and then listen to him…listen? to eddie murphy and then listen to him, listen to george carlin and then listen to him…it would be talent vs. idiot

  25. Lulu Amelu says:

    how could he look himself in the mirror..oh ya? just lie to yourself i guess.

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