CFA Level I Income Taxes Video Lecture by Mr. Arif Irfanullah Part 2

This CFA Level I video covers concepts related to: • Tax Payable vs. Tax Expense • Creation of a Deferred Tax Liability • Changes in Income Tax Rates • Perma…



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  1. Ezzat Ali says:

    the way you deliver the material is? just superb !!! Thank you

  2. shirin sheikh says:

    simple and easy to? understand!!!great job!!

  3. marineieseg says:

    Very useful! Thanks? vm

  4. chloe777711 says:

    Thanks a? lot! this is really helpful!!!

  5. Bhavin Pancholi says:

    Thank You for these Videos .. Its Best for people who are not from the accounting? background.

  6. MsWeibin says:

    thanks a lot for ur great? work .

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