Cantor Shows Support For Raising Taxes On The Poorest Americans

At Politico Breakfast, April 19, 2012.



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  1. Diane H says:

    Not only is what Cantor is saying BS, but he sounds like he’s drunk,
    slurring his words. So he wants to raise taxes on the working poor and
    lower middle class — those making under $30,000 a year — and lower taxes
    on the rich? What an assh*le!

  2. Sonof Atiger says:

    Kick this bum out of office because Republican Party are they are just a
    bunch of backstabbing two face politician.

  3. William Moore says:

    Anybody who voted up “you are a Ass Hole” is not exactly “Rainbow Bright”.
    See America? These are the “leaders” you get when the electorate is
    completely self-centered (not to mention sociopathic and/or mentally
    retarded).. Next time you vote, try thinking about what that person is
    going to do about the legitimate problems we face.

  4. Turcury says:

    The man with the $400 wine or was it whine……

  5. SaganSociety86 says:

    I love how these conservatives talk about cutting the debt and having
    fiscal responsibility than they support a military budget bigger than the
    GDP of all but 4 nations. The U.S. spends almost 20 times more to kill poor
    people abroad than they do to alleviate poverty at home. How about we
    address a system that allows people who work 50 hours a week but still
    can’t barely make ends meet. Fair? Is it fair to have an entire economic
    system rigged in your favor? What a disgrace

  6. Plaid Patriot says:

    how does he expect those people to live when they are already struggling to
    get by with what they have? should they try to cut their living expenses
    even more?

  7. yowowulu1 says:

    They don’t pay income taxes because THEIR INCOMES ARE TOO LOW!!! Unless you
    want to take away the deductions that actually allow lower middle income
    families to survive. What has Eric Cantor done to raise middle class wages?
    Doesn’t he realize that they pay a greater percentage of their total
    earnings on sales taxes, gas taxes, etc? Eric Cantor is trying to defend
    the indefensible… that he is in the pocket of fat cats.

  8. SaganSociety86 says:

    The rich are only rich because those 45% of Americans he is referring to,
    are breaking their backs at minimal wages to produce for parasitic
    corporations. Many of these people work 2 or 3 jobs and have trouble paying
    rent while the fruits of their labor are being gleaned by those at the top.
    If we want to talk fair, how about paying people the value of their labor
    instead of starving them and than asking for more.

  9. JonathanJWB1 says:

    this guy is a straight up bag of shit.

  10. james jones says:


  11. alcyone91 says:

    This is precious — showing Republicans for just who they are. Trying to
    have us believe that raising taxes on the (much) less affluent so that we
    can lower taxes for the affluent will generate economic growth for
    lower-income workers. That trickle down theory has been disproved. It’s
    just Republicans’ storyline for lowering taxes for the wealthy. If only
    Democrats could frame the truth as clearly as Republicans frame their lies.

  12. Original Username Do Not Steal says:

    How any anybody speak with this man without the massive urge to punch him
    in the face?

  13. David I says:

    How I wish many can see them for the phonies they truly are. Too bad that
    many do not.

  14. TheTruthBToldShow says:

    How about payroll or sales tax that equal a far greater percentage of their
    income than the fat-cats?

  15. ninuxy says:

    * Raise taxes on the bottom half * Give more tax breaks to the 0.01% *
    Eliminate SS and Medicare There will be a riot if we don’t get these
    Teanuts out this November.

  16. ihavederphands says:

    to the dipshit in the video, easy way to legitimize those that are
    succeeding at the top needing to pay… the bottom is falling out, the
    country is falling apart, the value of the dollar is dropping, so no one is
    succeeding in the u.s. Have the top contribute to bring up the country to a
    healthy median and you know what, then worry about stock piling money by
    buying out the government. The top are only as strong as the weakest link,
    the u.s. is a joke, feel free to ask other countries.

  17. Activist4America says:

    American Jewish Community doing EPIC facepalm in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……..

  18. TheTruthBToldShow says:

    There we go, having higher wages is a hand-out. Taxing the rich for far
    less than they can handle is socialism and will kill motivation. Taxing
    those who have so little is the ultimate motivator.

  19. Sonof Atiger says:

    We all so know that you are that you are a Ass Hole Eric Cantor !

  20. wajobu says:

    Eric Cantor is as rank and foul as they come. Eric, even low wage earners
    pay taxes–social security & medicare taxes; and the GOP wants to take THAT
    away too. Can we PLEASE vote this crank out?!

  21. Ebrainiac1 says:

    World class scumbag.

  22. Shane Dillon says:

    Does this guy know that the 45% of American’s he is talking about…. CAN
    BARELY FEED THEMSELVES??? Does he want to take the clothes off their back
    too??? No man this ignorant should be granted the ability to govern. He is
    wearing a $1,000 suit and he is telling the nations poorest people to give
    even more! How does he think the REAL world works? This isn’t a question
    about “Is this fair?” The question should be “Is this humane?”

  23. Player5xx says:

    fucking stupid. if you made gradual tax brackets (more you have more you
    pay) taxing the top 2% at those rates gains the same about of revenue as
    taking half of everything that the bottom 50% of american own. fuck you
    dude i dont want a handout i want a chance to make money to become rich
    someday when i will gladly pay all the taxes you want. i want an
    OPPORTUNITY to become successful without the government taking my money and
    not taking the money of the people who have already made it in life

  24. nailo1 . says:


  25. ssurfcity says:

    Another corporate whore. Puppets gotta dance.

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