Calvin Coolidge on Taxes and Spending.

In the first speaking appearance by a US President on film, Calvin Coolidge delivers a speech on taxes and spending. The “stupendous sum” of his day is almos…
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  1. Chachi Shapiro says:

    Indeed. He was the last president to fully embrace methods of Austrian

  2. rsjonesco says:

    You have to remember that he witnessed the Big Government Ways of Woodrow
    Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt. He saw the damage they did by expanding
    government from 1900 through 1919. The result was a depression in 1920 and
    1921 in which Warren Harding lead the cutting of spending and the
    corralling of the Federal Reserve. The result was a boom of huge magnitude.
    Calvin Coolidge was the last President to oversee the actual shrinking of
    the federal government. It has been growing ever since.

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