Caboose hates taxes….and tex’s

Cheesy speech later then?
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  1. 62Perfection says:

    Blood Gulch? blues.

  2. ZackAttackGame says:

    Red? vs blue theme song or blood gulch blues.

  3. Prince OfPuppyz says:

    Ya man search Bloody? Mary mix

  4. Ketangi says:

    does anyone seriously know the name of the song thats played at this bit?
    that starts with roses are red, violets are blue
    i searched rvb wiki and theres no mention of? it on the soundtrack at all
    its too awesome to go unnoticed

  5. darkdarklink123 says:

    What if caboose is one of the unmentioned freelancers that had to? be memory wiped… What if he’s one of the missing states?

  6. jake7180056 says:

    I think he used to be a? freelancer

  7. Dimitri Mottorov says:

    Texas actually if? you went to school

  8. Raz Dalí says:

    THe angry caboose part is a reference to an earlier episode htt p://ww w.youtube. om/watch?v=TPSa1CNzT64 on the link its at around 1:38?

  9. Prince OfPuppyz says:

    got? that right bro!

  10. leilani dellinger says:

    Caboose is a bit of a? bad ass

  11. Kevin Jacobs says:


  12. ANx3hProductions says:

    It’s texas…? hah..

  13. goblin135goon says:

    Season 11? yeah

  14. goblin135goon says:

    Its texes you idiot?

  15. epitaph2234 says:

    Caboose for? president

  16. Prince OfPuppyz says:

    Last episode of? season 10

  17. FriskierHail says:


  18. lordfist111 says:

    this is? the second time he got angry

  19. Slender Mane says:

    angry caboose vs tex?

  20. astrohead105 says:

    Wow? caboose is a badass when he’s angry

  21. EchoSquadGaming0 says:


  22. TheLastODST1 says:


  23. SuperMuffin42 says:


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