Brooker backs his friend over taxes

Charlie Brooker believes Jimmy Carr did the right thing in apologising over his dodgy accounting scheme.
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  1. Kevin Brown says:

    “Why does Gary Barlow have any of it?” Awesome!

  2. mixmastermeeks says:

    How many kids and medical problems does Jimmy have that he should be paying
    for teachers and nurses? How in the world can you say a man with no kids
    isn’t paying his fair share to teachers? If he paid one cent he is paying
    more than his fair share to teachers because he doesn’t use their services.

  3. DuffPaddy1 says:

    He’s just sticking up for his friend. So I don’t know why people are
    criticising for not offering real analysis.

  4. Mike Adamson says:

    Fuck it though! why does anyone even care, moneys a stupid thing and the
    amount of tax wasted on the military alone will dwarf what jimmy got away
    with, and he has to pay it back! catching one person but vodaphone and many
    other big companies flaunt thier earnings to avoid taxation. your a tool
    lad, ‘fiscally stimulated’ what sorta bullshit is that?! sounds like you
    love money so much you wanna fuck it.

  5. selbstinator says:

    And paying for that sort of advice is still fair? If the people with money
    followed Carr’s example, the economy would be left up to the lower and
    middle classes and be essentially crippled, because it’s only those with
    lots of money who can afford to do such things. Where’s the fairness in

  6. TheCasualObservers says:

    You’ve answered your own question: Pay it back.

  7. Greg Greig says:

    The reference to an obscure Bill Hicks quote made me smile

  8. MsAussie92 says:

    “kinda black” …how is the ruler of Iran of all people that? in fact, hold
    on, what in the world does that mean? i think you should take another look
    at him.

  9. ProphetOfTheTeapot says:

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Muslim, kinda black and possibly gay. As to your,
    let’s not criticise anything, claim, that is the stupidest idea I have ever
    heard. To quote Tim Minchin, “When a person or an institution becomes
    beyond criticism, it seems they slip inevitably towards corruption.”
    Criticising, satirising, et cetera, are incredibly important to society,
    and if you are good at something you might as well find a way to get paid
    for it.

  10. Mad Jack Churchill says:


  11. GreenZubat says:

    He said Jimmy was right to apologise, implying Brooker thought he was in
    the wrong to. titling the video “Brooker backs his friend over taxes”
    implies he thought JImmy was in the right. BIt misleading, don’t you think?
    Of course, what do you expect from a channel called “presassociation” :/

  12. Bastiat90 says:

    The fact he spent a long time criticising the rich for their tax avoidance
    schemes when he was doing the very same thing. Silly liberal lefty
    comedians aren’t funny at all

  13. zg76 says:

    Wow.. never heard that one before! You must be god damn genius. facebook

  14. ProphetOfTheTeapot says:

    He didn’t really defend Jimmy here, he merely said that he didn’t give a
    shit and didn’t understand what was going on. The only thing he really did
    say is that we don’t need David Cameron to tell us what is morally right or
    wrong, and in his 2012 Wipe, added that Cameron is the Prime Minister and
    he can actually do something productive rather than pointing out what any
    fool knows already, what Jimmy Carr did was wrong. There is no denying that.

  15. zg76 says:

    don’t you dare to click them… private Gump, ha ha ha ha!

  16. SJ Follows says:

    I notice you simply assert this without providing a single example. You
    have a strange view of morality. How about, just not attacking anyone? I
    guess there’s less cash in doing that though.

  17. joshuatariff says:

    As much as I like Charlie (I think he’s fantastic) his swerving of the
    question comes across as a little dishonest. While I do understand that
    he’s been thrown in the middle of this and I completely understand his lack
    of monetary awareness, compare this response to Jon Richardson’s comments
    on the last 8 Out Of 10 Cats recording – Jon’s ire and moral certainty is a
    lot less crowd-pleasing, but a lot more honest and admirable.

  18. griff500grr says:

    I too, look forward to the day I can pay my bills with a pocketful of
    smiles. Let me know when you work it out…

  19. CerberusLives says:

    I love it when Charlie’s voice occasionally drops off into a low, goofy

  20. scw55 says:

    I guess me and Charlie have one thing we don’t have in common then.

  21. Hephaestus84 says:

    Saying he did the right thing in apologising isn’t exactly the same as
    backing him, is it? Of course apologising was the right thing to do (unlike
    saying “I pay what I have to and not a penny more” which is what Jimmy did
    initially). Charlie definitely avoided condemning Jimmy but that’s fair
    enough – if a friend of mine was a blatant, highly paid tax dodger I’d
    probably not want to abuse him either.

  22. nick says:

    We need Brooker back!

  23. ceres10813 says:

    I’m pretty sure he only payed for advice on how to pay less tax, not on
    “constucting” loop holes in laws. That would be a mental world if the
    accountants had the ability to change the law.

  24. Bvenged says:

    Brooker is an excellent entertainer, journalist and writer. Cameron is a
    hypocrite. Jimmy did wrong but accepts it, is not doing it any more and
    apologised. What more can he do beyond paying it back?

  25. SJ Follows says:

    You appear to be having a conversation with yourself at this point, so I’ll
    leave you to it.

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