Bill O’Reilly: Jesus Was Killed Over Taxes

Marc Lamont Hill responds: “Do you read the Fox News version of the Bible?” Follow Media Matters’ main youtube channel: http://bit.ly/ZcZEFr Get the facts: h…
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  1. TherealCitizenGhost says:

    Neither Bill O’Reilly nor Marc Lamont Hill know anything about Jesus, why He was here, and why He died. As a Christian I find this exchange both laughable and a bit tragic. I? can’t help but think of Romans 1:22 that says, “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”.

  2. Louisa Russell says:

    the guy on the right is just chuckling to himself like, ‘wow how can? someone actually be this dumb’

  3. NoToNoahideLaws says:

    the chews, “”ALL”” the chews said “Let his blood be on our hands, and our children hands and their childrens hands.? it t’weren’t the Romans, it t’were the joooos folks, it t’were the chews. but of course less and less are actually reading the bible these days, and the bibles have all been re-written for easlier to understand, leaveing out complete verses. unbleveable.

  4. NoToNoahideLaws says:

    oh yeah, i really just don’t care…. i can’t stand fox news. i could care less bout anything on the joo-tube by the way. waste of mind, let alone any who has more than a handful of working braincells. matter in fact, let’s just say that if ole billy said that God told him to tell the world to gather beg n borrow a 100 million dollars are if not God would take him home lets say by july 15. i would then wait until july 13 no later than the 14th and go rip him off,that way God would take him? away.

  5. NoToNoahideLaws says:

    i have a hard enough time getting by from day to day just knowing that billy-boy-o’crap-o’reilly breathing the same air as us humans than worring what he thinks, says and believes. as clearly him writing a work of totally incredible stupidity of mindless missing grey matter fiction, that i’d even care what he would think on any level,? and subject, on any left, right, middle puppet-can’t or demon-can’ts crap from his dribbling dingleberry diarrhea, nut case, how can anyone even care whut he says?

  6. Chris2SEC62 says:

    What an idiot. Jesus said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. What a? way for a clueless hypocrite to put a plug in for his obviously erroneous book that won’t be worth the tax you’ll pay to buy it much less the money it’ll put in his pocket.

  7. kimdkus says:

    What???? Oh dear.?

  8. kimdkus says:

    I”m not for sure where you’re getting the idea that ‘mainstream’ conservatives believe this junk. I know of none that believe this and often mock this stuff. I don’t know who you talk to? you, but you need to get away from them.

  9. kimdkus says:

    Um . . no, most of us don’t believe that nonsense. Please don’t make assumptions that you know nothing about. I don’t know? of any christian conservatives who believe this junk.

  10. drew172 says:

    Is there? a someone from the US who can explain why there’s an “Alert” flashing next to the notice about Obama making an overseas trip ? Was there some sort of crisis that necessitated the trip ?

  11. MsChrisandChris says:

    Oh my goodness…..how? sad

  12. Bridget Sarbu says:

    Wow. It wasn’t about all of history coming together for the redemption of the world. Oh? no. It was inconsequential taxes. Lol what a joke. This was a joke right? Bill isn’t serious right?

  13. langwiz7 says:

    Jumping the shark!? Bill’s jumping the shark. Finally!!!

  14. Vince Giordano says:

    Why would they have two guys talking about religion who are not experts on the topic? OReilly use to be a teacher but quit because lying on TV would make him more money. MLH is an academic pertaining to topics of race. O’Reilly even? brought on MLH before to talk about Iran.

  15. Ciaran Statham says:

    “YOU’RE? NOT ACCURATE IN WHAT YOU JUST SAID.” That has to be the greatest lump of fucking irony in forever.

  16. Ciaran Statham says:

    I love the fucking? grin on Hill’s face at one point that just says how full of shit O’Reilly was.

  17. Ethereal Prince says:

    This is literally comical. O’Reilly is so up his own ass it’s hilarious. Only a few more? years and he’s dead! Woohoo! Everyone’s invited to my party.

  18. eyepoo says:

    how could you be a devout christian and a right-wing extremist when Jesus was? the biggest socialist of all time…

  19. keewaTV says:

    Taxation is the fee? for living in a civilised country.

  20. David Foreman says:

    O’Reilly has to know he’s an ignorant pompous ass. But, he also knows it pays the bills. As long as there are those fool enough to watch his show and buy? his worthless crap, he’ll keep up the act.

  21. 3BALL4 says:

    Bill O’Reilly…why is he? writing a book about Jesus death. He know’s nothing

  22. John Kent says:

    Uh… yeah…?

  23. kimdkus says:

    um . . no. ?

  24. Jeff Lee says:

    That’s why I? said “mainstream” conservatives.

  25. kimdkus says:

    Um . . no they don’t. Just b/c I’m conservative? doesn’t mean I buy this.

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