Big Taxes will HIT America in 2013

ObamaCare Flatlines: ObamaCare Taxes Home Sales – Clobbers Middle-Class Americans http://www.gop.gov/blog/10/04/08/obamacare-flatlines-obamacare-taxes-home D…



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  1. MonteIsADHD says:

    No I’m not. I know President Obama is not good, and what they’re saying
    about him is true. But what I’m saying is that if Romney or Bush was office
    they would be the same way. They’re all under the same power and I know
    given by prophecy that Satan and principalities influence them. This is not
    Pastor John Hagee on saving America. The Lord wants us to save souls threw
    this not America

  2. Samoh Kul says:

    ANd all of that tax money ends up in the greedy pockets of politicians!

  3. RubysTableTalk says:

    I made one on marijuana yes and no I do not believe it should be legal and
    I tell in the video why

  4. DoYouThinkForUrselF says:

    i really liked george carlin =)

  5. bisexualbuffthug says:

    I never trusted him in the first place because he was never born in
    america! His interest is to please the u.n not the united states of
    america. He is not american.

  6. RubysTableTalk says:

    are you really that blind ?

  7. RubysTableTalk says:

    Sorry that is not going to happen 🙁 your vote will not count and Obama
    will stay in this a word from the LORD .

  8. RubysTableTalk says:

    not everyone is closed minded or bought

  9. RubysTableTalk says:

    I do not really like him but it was fitting for this 🙂

  10. RubysTableTalk says:

    russian agent 🙂

  11. Supratube1 says:

    hey Ruby, have you ever did a video on marijuana? I was wondering if you
    believe it should be legal or illegal and reasons, thanks.

  12. RubysTableTalk says:

    they are always related one goes with the other and you will see people in
    the ER !! I have lost my voice because I went to a ballgame . I never go
    out side anymore and it rained on me , so I got a good dose of chemtrails.
    Never go out when it is raining !!

  13. RubysTableTalk says:


  14. DoYouThinkForUrselF says:

    Ya i understand what your saying, but it was refreshing to see a person in
    the entertainment industry speaking out. Such a corrupt industry.

  15. Supratube1 says:

    Ruby I did a search on your channel by typing in marijuana and I didn’t see
    the video. Where can I watch it please, thanks, God bless

  16. MonteIsADHD says:

    Why do people demonize President Obame for such things, if Bush or Romney
    was in office they would be the same thing. The power goes behold them.
    Just because we are typical conservative white women who live in the bible
    belt doesn’t mean we have to make insinuations that Liberal/democrats are
    the only leaders who are bringing America down.

  17. rtPoppy says:

    I’m thinking the “owners” have changes horses now…. Obama, out. Romney,
    their new guy… Yes? blessings, rtPoppy (RonTucker)

  18. RubysTableTalk says:

    Obama was set in office to destroy this nation ! Hagee is a Zionist

  19. Supratube1 says:

    I wouldn’t worry about her Ruby, she’s on Meth

  20. Supratube1 says:

    ok, I found some info from your vids, thanks. Also Ruby, I have noticed in
    my area, when all stores are pushing the flu shot on people, those weeks
    and month or two where the signs are everywhere, chemtrails spraying in the
    sky pick up like crazy. Any reason the spraying and shots going out at the
    same time. I’m wondering for those who get vaccinated and them spraying
    something on them is doing some serious harm. Happens every year the flu
    shot goes out the skies are sprayed big time in my area

  21. JOESD2300 says:

    Anyone that’s ever played simcity knows that to make a profit when your
    city’s in trouble is to max taxes for a short period of time before you
    lose too much population.Thank you Ruby.

  22. RubysTableTalk says:

    looks that way , none for the people it was tendered for

  23. ym schmitz says:

    god bless you

  24. RubysTableTalk says:


  25. RubysTableTalk says:

    did you find it ?

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