Ben Stein Stuns Fox news about Mitt Romney tax cut

economist Ben Stein joined Fox & Friends on Thursday where he stunned the hosts after he called for raising the tax rates on people making more than milli…



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  1. Jannik Nordby Kjeldsen says:

    Check out Nick Hanauer “rich people don’t? create jobs” it is Banned TED talk.

  2. gradostax says:

    True faxes were at their highest rates during? our best economic growth periods….high taxes on the rich have no effect on economic growth.

  3. Warren Tarrest says:

    Darealfacts is darealidiot… Stein dropped knowledge on the hosts and they could? sit, mouth agape, that real facts actually slipped into their show. Bravo, Ben Stein, bravo!

  4. JESSE BARAJAS says:

    Of course Fox News is right wing propaganda. Almost every “news” channel has an agenda leaning either left or right. That’s why I don’t watch cable news if you wanna get real news you have to go through different sources on the Internet and make your own? conclusion.

  5. pithie84 says:


  6. 1Dayata says:

    You and 47 other? people are idiots!

  7. TheMiracleMatter says:

    No, Ben stein is no expert at all, he’s some slimey sellout to the fundamentalist church who is well known for his bullshit? propaganda about creationism…
    But OF COURSE, that doesn’t mean what he said is any less true, ( an argument stand and fall on its own, regardless of whom it came from ).
    just saying;
    “actual truth” – hell yes
    “actual expert” – hell no

  8. DaRealFacts says:

    I have been forced into finding honest news online. Unfortunately there is a lot of deception here also that you have to wade through to get the truth and what is actually happening. Barry Soetoro aka Obama is not an American citizen and was born in Kenya. He is really a America hating Muslim yet Fox is the only station that will? come close to reporting the truth. Unlike Obama I love America. Both Obama and Bush have been tried and convicted for War crimes but the media here hide that fact!

  9. YouDingo88 says:

    Killmeade, in shock, desperately searches for? wisdom, but comes up empty… priceless.

  10. acyour says:

    and conservatives are? mass murders in the waiting whats your point there is NO differance between the two it is all smoke and mirrors!!

  11. plasterdbastard says:

    You both? made the same point, though.

  12. Personality Test says:

    Pure entertainment?

  13. TacomaPaul says:

    Liberals want things changed… and then become Conservatives when when things are? changed. “OK ! Right now is how I want it forever” !
    Look… I’m 54… and shit STILL needs to be changed ! Some (most) of my friends from way back that DID something with their lives (???) and have money (security)…. are assholes.
    Not one of them cares about anyone “lower”. They just wanna build a bigger deck than the one the neighbor has to look at their view of the water.
    Morons… all of them.

  14. fuzzyone99 says:

    Great that he’s able to get away with saying that to them. Unfortunate that he first? has to profess loyalty to them before they’ll listen to the truth.

  15. SilverBeetleFan9 says:

    You’re thinking of Clinton. Bush brought in? the greatest deficit since the depression.

  16. SilverBeetleFan9 says:

    You’re a fucking idiot… ’nuff said.?

  17. Macsimus007 says:

    And a Robert Huong is nothing more? than? a youtube commenter who should be forcibly castrated to spare the world of his horrific progeny.

  18. 503 Workshop says:

    It’s interesting he started by saying “With all due respect to FOX News and my colleagues .” This implies it is not looked upon with favor at that “News Company” to have an opinion apart from the conservative agenda. Fair and balanced my ass….kill ’em all. ?

  19. Robert Huong says:

    a liberal is nothing more than a pedo phile who has? not yet been caught.

  20. poopisnotpoop says:

    I love how the Fox News people are sent scrambling when an actual truth is said by an actual expert who? they usually spin to make his words sound good for the republicans.

  21. MechanicalWorks125 says:

    The definition of liberal is open minded, while conservative is trying to keep things the way they are or *conserving*.
    Anything not “liberal” (open minded) is basically propaganda.
    What you mean to say is there are no conservative and Republican stations, and that they’re all DEMOCRATIC, not there all liberal.
    You should always start liberal? (open minded), and be conservative when the situation warrants.
    Republican and Democrat are just parties, and throughout history they have been both.

  22. RobertFrost Fan says:

    Please tell Obama someone from the NSA/CIA is murdering me. They are giving me a cruel and unusual death via US spy satellite. For no reason other than they are cruel and they want to cash in on a life insurance policy they conned me and my ex-husband into signing. My ex-husband is Indian so I think that it is racially motivated. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL OBAMA TO MAKE THESE PEOPLE STOP!!!!! See my videos about proof.? I have proof they? are doing this to me.

  23. Paul Dirac says:

    The highest tax bracket is historically relatively low, especially given? that we have been in a state of war for 12 years. During WWII, tax rates were up in the 80-90% range. Now they are in the 30’s.

  24. Joseph Eberhardt says:

    Africa for the Africans.
    Asia for Asians.
    White countries for EVERYONE!!!
    They want White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a *codeword* for? anti-White.

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