Beer Drinking Analogy of How Progressive Taxes Work – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Episode 028

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  1. Rob Lee says:

    Here is an analogy comparing our tax system and drinking beer.
    I’m going discuss the United States progressive tax system,
    you will see what the a$$#@!& politicians in Washington are arguing about,
    and hopefully have some fun along the way.?

  2. Doug Kirk says:

    Beer economics!?

  3. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @tjw1963 Teresa, I totally agree the whole Democrats vs Republican battle
    in DC is a scam. In public, they pretend they are fighting each other for
    the good of the American people. Yeah, right. It reminds me of Looney Tunes
    Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog cartoons. Anyway, they all need to go and
    the power should return to the States.

  4. Jody Ramsay says:

    thumbs up

  5. Q-Hack! says:

    @tjw1963 Not sure what world you live in, but the ‘filthy rich’ as you put
    it employ a huge percentage of America. Just look at any of the Fortune 500
    companies. Or are you one of those who naively believe that you can be
    filthy rich without having invested in America in some way.

  6. Bert Jones says:

    Once again, bullseye. Best regards.

  7. Social Media News Curator says:

    this just makes me thirsty. was it a sobriety test? lol Mtn Jim

  8. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @modernfreestyle Great! I’m glad I could motivate you so much. 🙂

  9. CROCHET GEEK says:

    @PirateLifestyleTV Our whole country is being taken advantage of. With any
    service, we can get our money back. I want my money(taxes) back. The
    government as a whole is wasteful. We have to learn these little tidbits on
    our own because they are playing a game and playing with our money!

  10. Scott Bryan says:

    @PirateLifestyleTV, My point is only that real solutions to our fiscal
    problems exist and are anything but radical or painful (for honest people.)
    I think our leadership fails because it is both corrupt and incompetent. We
    have the technology to completely upstage government, as we know it,
    starting at the most local levels and working upwards. We need only make
    our political capital itself more tangible–the way currency makes wealth
    tangible–to bring the magic of efficient markets to bear.

  11. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @tomperanteau I do like Sam Adams, their Coastal Wheat is a fav of mine.

  12. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @brunomiit Seems pretty fair, and this is what folks call a flat tax.

  13. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @otakop67 Hahahaha, let’s just say I have way too many skeletons in my
    closet, and leave it at that! 😉

  14. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @ananiasacts Interesting idea. The income tax system is flawed by it’s very
    design. Of course, when created in 1913 less than 1 percent of people paid
    income tax and they paid at a rate of about 1 percent. It started changing
    almost immediately.

  15. CMLovejoy says:

    @PirateLifestyleTV Of course they pay 70% of the taxes they have ALL THE
    MONEY! You never explained what Capital gains were either and that most of
    the rich pay taxes through capital gains. These rich people don’t earn this
    money, its usually inherited, and you didn’t mention that either. Most rich
    people have rich parent’s that sent their children through ivy league
    schools and walk right into wealth and you didn’t mention that either. This
    is why I gave you a thumbs down.

  16. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @tjttzcspplt Yes it is and it tastes really good. Think of the difference
    of how a carrot from the garden tastes compared to a store bought carrot.

  17. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @jrshipley No argument. The story is about the federal income tax, and yes,
    as you say in your own words, “The federal income tax is the only one
    that’s actually progressive.” I am not talking about all the many many
    other taxes Americans pay (like payroll, state, local, property, sales,
    use, and on and on). This video is a simple analogy of the federal
    progressive income tax based on income levels. Thanks for taking the time
    to share your thoughts.

  18. Mark Mealman says:

    Forgot the tax stuff. I want to know how you’re brewing beer onboard 🙂

  19. stoneybrotherbass says:

    home brew rocks

  20. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @bvbjb Thank you!

  21. CMLovejoy says:

    You missed out on one critical fact. You didn’t mention the net worth on
    each drinker and why the 10th drinker pays the bill. Why would drinkers 1
    through 5 pick up the tab for the beer if they aren’t working? Thanks for a
    good laugh.

  22. Pirate Lifestyle says:

    @CMLovejoy All people represented are happy with the original arrangement.
    The difficulty arises when the govt (barkeep) offers a tax reduction.
    Please note, beer drinkers 1-5 are working, they are wage earners., they
    are not unemployed. The point of the 5 drinking for free, drinker 1 does
    have a low income, but drinker 5 represents a family earning almost $50,000
    (hardly considered not working).

  23. Velizar Tachev says:

    You got my subscription .. great videos ..

  24. loco200069 says:

    beer yum

  25. CROCHET GEEK says:

    Nice spin but the actual wealth of each person was not mentioned. Net worth
    is very important. The top 1% of wealthy Americans have more money than the
    bottom 99% of the working class. It is the small business of America that
    employee Americans, not the filthy rich. The filthy rich will spend
    millions, to convince Americans to vote against their own best interest, in
    the interest of playing politics.

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