Be Patriotic and Pay Higher Taxes

Barack Obama and Joe Biden want you to show your patriotism and pay higher taxes. For more, visit www.ohiogop.org.
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  1. donnie1221 says:

    lol, at least they’re patriots

  2. 007ObiWan says:

    As CNN reports, on Friday morning Biden bragged to the Delaware Blue Hens
    football team that they could “kick Ohio State’s ass!” Obama Bin Biden can
    now say: “Goodbye Columbus.”

  3. IdiotsForObamaCom says:


  4. mammothlist says:

    Biden the “gaffe master” didn’t let me down today.

  5. Gregory Lamoureux says:

    OUT OF CONTEXT! This false propaganda does not state that taxes will only
    be raised for those earning over $250K/year. REPUBLICANS only care about
    winning the election, regardless of how they mislead the public to get
    votes. All their adds are “bashing” or “negative” adds.

  6. Elijah Lee says:

    Bravo dagger53! Sharp analysis which is something libs cannot seem to do –
    Wait until we get tremendous inflation because of all this administration’s
    spending. They keep saying that O inherited this ‘mess’ – but Bush also
    inherited a mess when Cinton left him with a recession. Bush didn’t
    complain – he took care of it by giving people back their money through tax
    cuts. Obama will tax Everyone to pay for his expensive dreams.’

  7. mycolebee says:

    OUT OF CONTEXT! How about some straight talk from you Republicans?
    Obama/Biden will lower taxes more than McSame for all incomes under $250K.
    He was talking to our rich elites when he said, its time to be patriotic.

  8. Donald Elston says:

    Trusting Democrats to NOT raise your taxes is like letting a fox into your
    henhouse and not expecting him to eat your chickens!

  9. po3jax says:

    you guys dont seem to realize, either way, we’ll be paying higher taxes,
    which will hopefully boost the economy, and help the citizens in the LONG
    run! so what if you dont get those few extra bucks a month, most of you
    will probably spend it on items that aren’t necessary, i.e. candy, tv,
    cable, etc. When you should be spending it on paying electric/water/
    rent/mortage, and IRA. People will never learn and waste money.

  10. tomdamho says:

    yea repubs no taxes but borrow from the federal reserve and chinese and
    destroy are future you losers your going lose big in 2008 and were taking a
    no filbuster congress.

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