Apple avoids $74b in taxes: why it’s a joke

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  1. chocomalk says:

    If you or I did this, you? would be liable to pay taxes in both countries.
    The one you claimed residence in and the one you did business in.

  2. solobackpacking says:

    Look into the treasury, the IRS? and military gov contracts …
    You’ll find how the hidden richest people in the world remain rich.

  3. nyreekin says:

    OMFG, i think im in love….. again. girlfriend 3 kids, but after watching how real that just was and no bullshit to your face? info ask you “WILL U MARRY ME”?

  4. lyokofans says:

    Your ending music is obscenely loud compared to? the rest of the video. Just an FYI

  5. ?? ???? says:

    I want? to Bukkake on her face.

  6. mean bastard says:

    look into hunting with a bow There trying to hide? there cruel ways behind

  7. David Wasylenko says:

    Companies do not “pay taxes”… Consumers pay. You want to raise a dollar of corporate taxes? Then watch those costs? pass to the consumer of the product. Companies do not print money. They make profit by charging more for a product than it cost them to produce the product.

    I wish congress and anyone else weighing in on? business topics would meet a payroll, have to hire/fire people etc before commenting on business.

    Your little rant is worse than no information at all.

  8. myHome109 says:

    Want to? know how to avoid 40% taxation on healthcare benefits?
    The SEIU 1199 website teach their 2 million members how to avoid premium healthcare (Cadillac) plan taxation, which will kick in at 40% tax rate.
    The average tax avoidance according to SEIU website will total $320 per member x 2 million members = $64 Billion in annual tax avoidance!
    Makes Apple look like baby scout of tax avoidance pros like SEIU 1199! SEIU also got a Obamacare waiver dumping 30,000 children? out healthcare ins.

  9. MsCordially says:

    She’s literally arguing against her fantasies? and half truths. How pathetic and desperate.

  10. drsmith963 says:

    Lori ya know what this means – they are starting to? go against each other – hehehehehe

  11. drsmith963 says:

    Of course they are JEWS – i remember in the 70s people? used to coin the word Jews – people that never spent money they used to say are you Jewish ???

    Trust me when it comes tome to bay that 30 trillion – we will be screwed because of these people they will continue to raise taxes…

  12. drsmith963 says:

    What a pleasant looking little girl -?

  13. Arableciderboy says:

    This woman has the most? irritating voice. ‘Apple….derp…IREland…derp…like, ‘Merica….like, bullshit, apple pie…derp’.

  14. ano nimen says:

    Hate on big companies all you want but I would love to see any of you make millions of dollars and then have to give half of your earnings to the government. Make? the tax % as low as ireland and they will start declaring their profit here, instead of overseas. Its not rocket science.

  15. Ben Bowen says:

    I knew one day it would be love at first sight i didn’t think it would be on You? tube.

  16. Tou Yang says:

    the way? to say f u is to vote these politician out of office…..obviously they don’t represent the people’s interest…sad….

  17. Nik2013 says:

    Suck my dick!!?

  18. david burrows says:

    Nice? Work! You are so right about Congress’ diversionary tactics. I’m surprised they didn’t play the Benghazi card again!

  19. 1789Bastille says:

    Not “they” are the problem. They? are just the mirror of all of us.
    It is a system, where we”eat” each other.

  20. Peter Venero says:

    Ha!? Love you!

  21. llarzelere says:

    AND??? The size of government at the federal level, and hence the cost, should be radically reduced. This is not a new concept. Libertarians and Objectivists (one a political movement; the other a philosophy) have been preaching this for years. Only those who want to be coddled from? cradle to grave really object.

    Nope. Get out there, pull your own weight, and only rely on government for your international treaties, border defense, and to reduce fraud. Reduce the size and the cost now.

  22. TheIDGE says:

    “Fairtax” is BS, it’s just a sales tax. Sales taxes are just as bad as what we have now since wealthy people spend a far, far smaller % of? their income than everyone else. Most people spend the vast majority of their income, so nearly all of their income would be taxed, while the wealthy will just go elsewhere to spend their money and avoid taxes. We should fix the investment income rate (same as wage income), and wipe out all exemptions and loopholes, and lower rate to reasonable levels.

  23. TheIDGE says:

    And? It takes a hell of a lot of money to run a country. I’m sick of people that support lowering taxes on the people who are pulling this shit, and? paying lower rates than the rest of us on the income they will actually fucking admit to. No one LIKES to pay taxes, but how the hell do you run anything without resources? Taxes are the same as membership dues, I say pay your fair share or get the hell out.

  24. chasjohn57 says:

    Lori,? you should be in The New York Times! Maureen Dowd is wearing it pretty thin over there. ‘Time” for some new blood to move in.

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