Angry Grandpa does his taxes

Angry Grandpa is trying to do their taxes. When he thinks they have lost papers he gets angry & tears up what they do have.
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  1. Msdhdjmz says:

    Irs goin put me in jail….lol?

  2. Msdhdjmz says:

    Anger? management…lol

  3. melanisesimmons says:

    Love angry? grandpa

  4. christinaM1979 says:

    hahaha… he is so funny and always blames shit on michael.. look what u did..or look what you made? me do!!! lol

  5. shutout24 says:

    He really? thought electrical tape was the best choice for that?

  6. kimberly fernandez says:

    tape it to your head?

  7. Jamesthegamer200 says:

    I said? f**k that camera!

  8. juggalowhoopwhoop336 says:

    can someone post the bomb prank?

  9. gladosvswheatly says:

    i believe you about the cops but i still can’t understand why they would? want it removed to be honest. There is far worse stuff on youtube

  10. gladosvswheatly says:

    Yes but its a private matter, The reason he deleted that one was that it was going bad publicity on youtube. People thought the concept was nasty so they made video responses about? it

  11. gladosvswheatly says:

    why would the cops do that? They? have no right too

  12. Xzertec07 says:

    Doing taxes the? AG ways XD

  13. flybak2me says:

    You “Have” to get in a couple more vids. with your bro. No-one knows? you exist!!! WTF Pickle? She gets 5 seconds of your time??? FN Bridgett fucking Lilly and that’s “Her” dad?

  14. flybak2me says:

    Bout FN Time!!! I spend 4hrs. “Every God Damn Night!!!” looking for his old videos!!! Hey Micheal, Ya Ever heard of “New youtube Users??” She’s? gonna have twice as many subs. as you!

  15. MrTrollYourAss says:

    was this a real video?, it does? feel acted out

  16. gladosvswheatly says:

    haha, It makes me laugh when? grandpa calls him pickle boy

  17. Kimberly Ryan-Cruz says:

    Oh right, damn you? Pickleboy!

  18. gladosvswheatly says:

    Nope i don’t think so, Michael just went around deleting all of the old classics for no good? reason. Like he did with the recent fake bomb prank

  19. Kimberly Ryan-Cruz says:

    I think this comes from their first channel which youtube deleted and they? lost all the videos.

  20. 272723cassidy says:

    Dude fuck that camera, fuck the? camera, FUCK THE CAMERA *flips table*

  21. gladosvswheatly says:

    this is awesome lol?

  22. gladosvswheatly says:

    Then why did you? delete them all of the main channel?

  23. cool81586 says:


  24. kendawg44 says:


  25. ICUevrywhere says:

    All I heard was bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep? bleep bleep damn this is to much work lol bleep bleep!

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