Amazon, Starbucks and Google grilled by MP’s over tax

Executives from three of the world’s most famous corporations – Amazon, Starbucks and Google – were grilled in a fiery encounter with British parliamentarian…
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  1. Marcus Masters says:

    Margaret Hodge in sex and cash scandal: Derby? Patriot, Monday 3? May 2010


    Channel 4 News on? Islington? Children’s Homes Demetrious Panton interview

  2. lorraine6051 says:

    When is Margaret Hodge going to face justice for her part in covering up (or attempting to) a paedophile ring that was operating in ALL 12 of Islington borough’s kids homes in North London in the 70s and? 80s? TWO social workers informed her and she REFUSED to release the funds to allow for a proper investigation. If you or are I colluded in covering up the rape of children wouldn’t we be arrested?

  3. Robert Chewter says:

    because they avoid corps tax we have to? make up the shortfall

  4. Ariadne7710 says:

    Amazon employ around 150,000 people in the UK. Would you rather they relocated to Ireland? They could very easily and they would pay them less and the whole cost of the operation would be less. Is this really what you think would benefit the UK? What they are doing is perfectly legal according to EU rules. A company can choose their headquarters anywhere in the EU. Ireland charges 12.5%? corporation tax. The UK charges 25% recently reduced from 28%.

  5. Ariadne7710 says:

    The reason there aren’t any small corner coffee shops is because they have been priced out of the market. If they existed you would have to pay more for your coffee. And the reason they have to charge more per cup of coffee is because they do not have the economies of scale of a large multinational who buys huge quantities of materials and therefore gets a cheaper price. This is the simple? reality of economics. It has nothing to do with taxes. It exists in every business everywhere.

  6. Ariadne7710 says:

    And if they did what you suggest how much would a cup? of coffee cost???? Who do you think will bear the cost of the additional tax? The consumer, no-one else. He has to pay for everything. And how many fewer cups of coffee would they sell? And how much less tax would that generate? Think!!!!!

  7. Ariadne7710 says:

    Hardly any politicians have had any commercial experience or understand how businesses? work. They study PPE and go straight from Univesity (or from a trade union) into politics first as advisers to ministers and later become ministers themselves. They have no idea how wealth is created or how businesses operate. The fact that some of them thought that Starbucks should pay tax on their turnover rather than on their nett profit tells you everything you need to know about their competence!!!!

  8. plumeria66 says:

    Hey, Brits, get off the govt handout. Stop crying? a

  9. plumeria66 says:

    Google is employing a lot of people in the uk and? they with their salaries spend money on the economy. What’s the problem?

  10. garry meyer says:

    SELCO Credit Union paid its CEO, Bob Newcomb, $778,000 in total? compensation? in 2011?
    And Selco Credit Union Also Pays? No Taxes ?

  11. ScifiEi says:

    Google makes a profit over 2 billion pays 3.2 mill in tax and gets a govt grant of 2.5 mill.
    Internet was created from the? Particle Collider, internet should be for free….

  12. ScifiEi says:

    Depending on what Google has registered itself as…i like everyone else assumed Google to be an informational archive or facilitator ( Non profit organization). But when Google starts ringing profit making businesses/ Corporation Culture to promote on their site, for a small fee, isn’t that Soliticiting for Business/Profit. But i must say from? New Zealands point of view, a company that makes over 2 Billions in profit and only pay 700 grand in Tax, looks like daylight bloody robbery!

  13. Gavin Davies says:

    I’d rather buy a coffee at a small local coffee shop.? Knowing my money is going into the local econamy, but there are not any. As they can not compete due to some coffee chains not paying taxes!

  14. Gavin Davies says:

    It stinks, company’s sending UK profits to other contras, so they pay less tax on it. If company’s are not paying tax what benefit are they to this country. Should be band? from trading in this country.

  15. VinylProductions says:

    yes…that would be much better of course..but that is not what politicians are asking….if the politicians made the rate of corporation tax reasonable in the first place…like ireland does maybe…they wouldn’t feel the need to avoid it. The reality is that if they are avoiding it in the UK and not elsewhere then the politicians have failed people. I want to know how? many politicians have had a business (and therefore the experience and qualifications to govern matters concerning business)

  16. meotaku2 says:

    How about they pay? the same percentage of tax as people earning minimum wage ? Would that be too much ?

  17. VinylProductions says:

    ..funny how everyone who supports higher taxes on the rich business owners enjoys either benefits or a guaranteed salary at? the end of the month and has no ideas of the stress..effort and commitment it takes to start a company like Starbucks…or amazon

  18. VinylProductions says:

    what?? are you mad!! do you know how many jobs they all create in the uk!! people should be happy they don’t move the operations totally abroad (amazon and Google in particular) because of the UK’s oppressively high corporation tax. And all this crap about small businesses could never do this its only the big ones that can….total rubbish….pick up the FT a few days ago and its nicely drawn? out. A corner shop could do the same if they bothered!…further to that…no laws are broken here!

  19. meotaku2 says:

    Bunch of? criminals should be in jail.

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