Against Corporate Income Taxes

If you’re gonna tax, tax THIS, not THIS. There have been some commenters repeating unsourced anubis2814 disinfo. So here are the corporate tax rates in the U…



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  1. InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

    The tax code should be simplified. This is especially true with the corporate tax rates. There should be fewer loopholes and perhaps it’s time to rethink the double? taxation that’s associated with corporations.

  2. Stanislav2588 says:


  3. Oyaji291 says:

    The very first section of this? comment is hilarious to me because the implication is that corporations simply /won’t/ do these things. Yet an economic analysis exposes immediately the crowding out effect of a government monopoly on /all/ of these services rendering it unprofitable for businesses to invest in on their own. Your pointing this out is such moot nonsense it hurts.

  4. YouthInEyesAsian says:

    “Its when the corporations in question offshore their assets and outsource their lines of production to? foreign countries that should be stopped.”

    Why? In nearly every economic survey done, around 90% of economists promote? free trade. Have you ever wondered that there may be a good reason behind this?

  5. Zara Hall says:

    Only small businesses? and? houses and apartments should be privately owned everything else should be forcefully taken by the government.

  6. booomhauer says:

    I got an idea- end the income tax. boom. ?

  7. DaHuntsman1 says:

    Its when the corporations in question offshore their assets and outsource their lines of production to foreign countries that should? be stopped

  8. atobeast says:

    on a fundamental level i agree with you. and on paper, that’s what SHOULD happen. but the reality is, these execs get these lawyers and shit to squirm around the law and find loopholes to get the income without the tax. for instance, certain foreign investments that the US gov canNOT even touch. greed (in regards to a monetary value) is so f’ing rampant here in the US it’s sickening. taxing the corps is another way for the execs? to still get paid the full amount.

  9. MrPatrickHenryCheryl says:

    I’ve had multiple? econ professors say they’d prefer exactly this.

  10. ABCED2277 says:

    Vote for Governor Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. He’s the only candidate who will be on the ballot in November who will put the corporate income tax rate to 0. Mitt Romney will just cut it to 25% and Barack Obama will just cut it back to a Ronald Reagan level of 28% and 25% for manufacturing. So,? want more jobs? Vote Gary Johnson!

    Gary Johnson 2012!

  11. Fringe Elements says:

    What matters is what’s true.?

  12. brian whittle says:

    no, we? don’t have land tax in the uk

  13. brian whittle says:

    I get it, companies do everything in their power to get? out of paying due taxes.

    There are taxes that I think are wrong like land tax and inheritance tax but most companies don’t give a shit about anything but the bottom line.

  14. DollFacePeter says:

    that’s not true. i’m both a libertarian and? an atheist

  15. swebuilder says:

    It can be cut if tax is spent right? to begin with.

  16. AtheistRightWing says:

    interesting. It would seem that i? do not exist then.

  17. Tsicar says:

    Hi AtheistRightWing!?

  18. hein345 says:

    If it is a company with public shares, I do not think most shareholders would be happy with CEOs spending the bulk? of THEIR money on luxuries for their employees..

  19. DystopianUtopia says:


  20. Fringe Elements says:

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I think everything should be done by non-state entities – be they companies, church organizations, non-profits. I? have a video on how roads can easily be done without a state.
    2. Corporations only earn about 5% profit, the rest goes to paying people for work and capital, and those people pay income taxes. The profit, being reinvested, would create more lines of production, more people paying income taxes.

  21. brian whittle says:

    If corporations were self sufficiant,? they pay for all the roads to and from their plant, they pay for their own police force, education of people etc. In other words in the future then corporations run countries overtly instead of covertly like they do now they can do what they want. Until then they are just cogs in wheel and can pay their fucking taxes.

  22. AtheistRightWing says:

    which? is blatantly inefficient, expensive, and unconstitutional. Also, it’s even worse with non-profit companies. seen that southpark crack baby association episode? I just think we could make a better case for liberty just to advocate lower taxes altogether, and a transfer from taxes to user fees. Btw, just discovered your channel, congratulations for the good work you do.

  23. Fringe Elements says:

    I’m surprised it took so long for someone to actually make this argument.

    Yes, feather-bedding has to be monitored and avoided, and you get into? judgement calls as to what constitutes a business expense.

  24. AtheistRightWing says:

    This is not? entirelly accurate. If you don’t tax profits but tax income severely (or spending via sales taxes) you will have C.E.O.-s working in golden offices, having ten personal assistants, holding their meetings in bahamas, etc. You want to have lower taxes. Period. It really doesn’t matter how they are distributed.

  25. guysytaccount says:

    I AGREE – with a STIPULATION –

    the profit made by a corporation can go straight into a Company Account – NOT to bonuses OR reinvestment. There would have to be an additional law along with less coporate tax –

    A percentage of any profit MUST be reinvested. How about 10% less coporate tax = 9% reinvested. Still worth doing from? a corporate perspective. Very much so.

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