After Taxes – Johnny Cash (1978)

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  1. driv1937 says:

    Ron Paul for liberty. Enough said.?

  2. DHDHMH says:

    Thank? you… Great…

  3. Paladin1983PL says:

    No more income tax!? RON PAUL!

  4. colonelkfc33 says:

    Ron Paul/Gary Johnson 2012!!!?

  5. cafeajm says:

    This has to go viral on? April 17, 2012!

  6. 356pla says:

    Obviously Obama didn’t listen? to this.

  7. julie vanneste says:

    what is he a great? man……………….

  8. tobby12347 says:

    Love it! Can’t find a? Mp3 version though…

  9. JCInfocenter says:

    This? is from the 1978 Spring Special.

  10. Johnny99112 says:

    What show is this? from?

  11. mustangmike091 says:

    Wow what a great song, More of this thank you.
    Taxes isnt that true= there goes my shirt right of my? back.

  12. Adamavicius1 says:

    A great? austrian-economics singer !

  13. locklin011 says:

    paying? tax from the cradle to the grave, haha …

  14. Robbie Kenneally says:


  15. beestonpoet says:

    LOVE? IT

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