A Look at Income Taxes (Visual Budget – Sneak Preview)

This video is a demonstration of a presentation that will be available on VisualBudget.org when the site is launched. It is a draft and likely to change. Ple…
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  1. lokinkuli050 says:

    the income tax isn’t used for any of the stuff this video says it is. the income tax is used only for paying down interest on the? debt we have to our offshore masters through the privately owned federal reserve. this video is a lie

  2. applxperience says:

    Combining this with (no politicians behind the motion graphics console, obviously) with the vote from home, we can start cutting the hidden wholes that economists leave in Government and exploit from private companies!

    Is there a way that you guys can make a graph to show the history of money “made” in WallStreet and the inflation? Profit can’t be made out of thin air and I’m sure there’s a way you can? show people that every penny made in WallStreet ends up being paid by our pockets.

  3. TaxPlanGroup says:

    Did you? know most people qualify for a $5,000 tax credit but they don’t know it exists or how to get it? Take a look to this video Win an iPad3 with The Tax Plan Group to learn.

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