5 Ways to Save on Real Estate Investment Taxes

http://www.freedommentor.com/real-estate-investment-taxes 5 ways to save on Real Estate Investment Taxes (sorry about the audio…it was very windy in the Ke…
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  1. Michael Melonas says:

    OMG Phil! Great info, but REALLY bad audio! The scenery makes up for it
    though, LOL!?

  2. David Markette says:

    Thanks for the info, as painful as it was to listen to…?

  3. AquaDesignsHD says:

    Nice editing.

  4. AquaDesignsHD says:

    thanks for the information.

  5. Dagmar Kursova says:

    Thanks buddy, working hard with this great opportunity

  6. Brian Woosley says:

    that was just amazinggggggggggggggg

  7. undercoverfreak11 says:

    Wowwww 🙂

  8. realestate4ab says:

    Too bad about the audio, but great advice.

  9. bfhwowza says:

    …AMAIZING… Subscribed…

  10. Farmvillla2012 says:

    I have subscribed, cool video

  11. oko kok says:

    wtf checking it out ^^^^^^^^ subscribed fast

  12. Dan Trung says:

    lol Alex was right,this is awesome

  13. indeginousx13 says:

    Geez…the audio is really bad. Missin out on some really good knowledge
    because of the heavy wind. I vote for a redue lol.

  14. Alex Nguyen says:

    very? funny

  15. ba4ikikoo says:

    I was thinking your video…

  16. ciobi bubu says:

    Awesome, checking you out more in the future!

  17. raejones112 says:


  18. Justin Black says:

    Nice job! :O you worked really hard on this huh? Ill subscribe i want to
    see more work from you in the future 🙂

  19. omfg123447 says:

    Dont stop, youre doing great!

  20. GamingPls says:

    wowow. Your vids are better than mine! Haha

  21. Gantlye says:

    Hit me up! I need tips for your amazing video skills!

  22. Jane Lin says:

    Kudos Maker of this video, You have impressed me

  23. mrin amin says:

    -how do you record your games? i use bungie pro to download it but i only
    get 5 minutes a month soo lol

  24. hjkadsfkljhasdf says:

    Haha, very exciting as ever!

  25. Papi Splashy says:

    Im sharing this on Facebook and Twitter 😉

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