3rd RFTS S04 E12- Dick and Taxes (1/3)

When Harry’s boss Doug starts deducting income tax from Harry’s paycheck, the Solomons realize that they have never filed a tax return and that they owe 0…
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  1. StealthBlue says:

    “I certainly didn’t expect my girlfriend to wear my ass as a snowshoe!” ROFL

  2. ThouShaltNotFear01 says:

    “Well, if you’ll…you’ll excuse me, I have
    to….to….nnnnnnyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” Lolz.

  3. zoomckng says:

    we lost the farm! No! hahaha 🙂

  4. jhessgirl says:

    John Lithgow is such a good actor!

  5. harhainen says:

    @MickeyLove01 or someone from inside..

  6. nycdre89 says:

    this is one of my favorite episodes!

  7. TarlaTorres6012 says:

    Dick’s suit is so nice in this episode. Damn not even space aliens who are
    genius’s can fill out those damn forms

  8. TheLastBrainLeft says:

    Dick Solomon, the original Tea Partier.

  9. yellowgrass92 says:

    We lost a farm? NO!! haha :DD

  10. EGON65 says:

    can’t agree more :))))))

  11. saiyamanGXT . says:

    Yeah, like hemorrhoids.

  12. Cutler44D says:

    You owe $9,500! What? YOU BITCH! The best line from the whole show!

  13. 00fayy says:

    hahahaha “we just cross out pencil sharper… and write in aeroplane” 😛

  14. pepeycholo says:


  15. SAOrules says:

    “I don’t understand this! I AM THE SUPERIOR BEING!!! I can calculate the
    decaying orbit of a dying moon to within 1-tenth of an inch, why can’t I
    figure out the subtotal of line 59-A?!! I can’t even find line 59-A!! WHERE
    THE HELL IS LINE 59-A?!!! I can’t take this anymore!! I HATE IT I HATE IT I
    HATE IT I HATE IT!!!!!…………………………………. Oh here it

  16. pegleg747 says:

    Dick Solomon…the original Democrat.

  17. Monica Swanson says:

    I just think it’s funny how even the aliens, with all of their superior
    intelligence and advances in technology, can’t make sense out of our tax

  18. rshcry24 says:

    One of my friends has a “Best of” 3rd Rock DVD set with four great
    episodes. Cost $5 at a discount DVD bin at Wal-Mart, and this was one of
    the four. Classic episode!

  19. millvilleman says:

    we lost the farm, NOO!!!

  20. hawaiichic405 says:

    love him in orange county….i will eat your FACE!!!!!!!

  21. coolerdude42 says:

    i cant believe they said “nine thousand five hundred dollars” instead of
    “ninty-five hundred dollars”. You hardly ever hear that in American

  22. Cody Rowland says:

    I remember when I was young as shit and the scene with Harry and the
    “frequent sex thing” was new on TV (I’m 22), I didn’t understand it then
    but it was still hilarious. Even funnier now LOL

  23. MetzgermeisterxR says:

    well I certainly didn’t expect my girlfriend to wear my ass as a snow shoe!

  24. Leonhart76 says:


  25. DiscoSamurai says:

    “You BITCH!” God, I missed the Solomons… and it’s all thanks to you that
    I can see them again. ^^;

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